Our Team

Mothers of Africa Trustees:

Professor Judith Hall, OBE,  BA, MA, MB ChB, MD, FRCA:  Acting Chair and CEO


“I founded the charity Mothers of Africa back in 2004 when a learnt  that so many mothers were dying unnecessarily during childbirth in Africa.  I founded an education trust, because, to be honest, the only sustainable way forward is to help women and girls help themselves.

This is still how we can help, either through medical education, or community education, or through building schools to allow education.  The charity started as a very small thing, we’ve let it grow naturally, but because we’re both careful and visionary I think we punch above our weight.  ‘Mothers of Africa’ has much to offer the mothers of Africa, and that’s hope and a future, through education.  I am passionate that the charity continues to do this.”

Miss Emma Smith, BSc, ACCA: COO


“I became involved with Mothers of Africa in 2016 after learning what an incredibly small team there was (and still is!) running the charity and yet delivering astounding projects that have huge impact.

In the last year I have been fortunate to be able to share my professional skills as a chartered accountant and business developer to help Professor Judith Hall run the charity and it’s projects.  My particular focus is fundraising and communications.

I feel privileged to be a part of the Mothers of Africa team; working with some incredible individuals collectively striving to make lasting change.”

Dr Steve Morris: Treasurer

Dr Monica Chawathe: Trustee

Mrs Maria Gundy: Trustee


Mothers of Africa Supporters:

Dr Job Mwanza, BSc, HB, MBcHB, MPH

Mr Paul Crompton

Mrs Maggie Cullinane

Mrs Janice Newport

Mrs Susanne Batstone


“I moved to France in 1991 and got to know Janice (Professor Judith Hall’s sister) when our eldest children where at the Mums and Tots Group in Monaco together 21 years ago! When we met again a few years ago I remember thinking  how strange it was we had ever lost contact and that we were definitely due to keep in touch as we literally kept meeting by accident!

After a few lunches together I had heard the story of the Mothers of Africa and all the wonderful work being done on the projects. Janice was wondering how to help her sister and I love organizing events and bringing people together to make a difference!

I practice Bach Flower Remedies and Energy Healing and last summer was invited to Grasse to take part in another charity wellness day. There I met an amazing African dance teacher who kindly agreed to come to Monaco to run an African Dance Class for us for the charity.   This took place in the hall where the original Mums and Tots was held!

Part of what I love about this are the coincidences, the chance meetings, the lovely team of people who have come together to help. I really feel that when something is right, it just works! This charity just proves it and is growing organically in that way.”

Mothers of Africa Donors:

The Salus Foundation